Scalping with the Order Book

The term order book is becoming more and more popular among individual traders, some would say it’s a new passing fad and shouldn’t be bothered with… I sincerely believe that these people are simply misinformed about what the order books is. For whom is the order book intended then? It’s the indispensable tool of the … Read more

What trading is all about?


Since the hype of Bitcoin, more and more people are interested in trading and finance. but do you really know what trading is? Considering all the ads all over the Internet, trading would be a very simple way to make a fortune without too much effort. Consequently trading is badly perceived because of several scandals. … Read more

The 7 ways to stop losing on the stock market

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Many of you have already started in your trading adventures, but so far you are not at the level you like to be?. are you constantly losing money…? Whose fault? Did you ask yourself the right questions? If you’re fed up going around in circles and you finally want to understand why your trading journey … Read more

What is Scalping?

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As a beginner in trading when you google the meaning of scalping, it is easy to misunderstand the definition of it which is very often mixed up with day trading. Let’s get it clear right away: Scalping is taking positions in the market to take advantage of small price variations. The trader will keep his … Read more