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Discover a professional training created by professionals in active investment. Learn about the three institutional investment styles: Value Investing, Income Investing and Growth Investing. We offer you a complete training that will give you all the tools you need to have the best chances to become a profitable and an independent investor. We share with you in full transparency our way of investing in the US and EU equity markets, ETFs, and mutual funds.

Training’s Goal

This course and other services will give you all the tools, methodologies and chances to become a profitable investor. You will be able to invest with confidence in all three types of long-term investments:

Value Investing

This type of investment is based on the identification of over- or undervalued companies.

Income Investing

Investing in dividends shares is the art of selecting stable companies that give back a part of their profits in the form of dividends, this allows you to receive a regular and constant remuneration simply by owning shares of these companies. The training program will give you all the tools and structures to select the best dividend paying shares.

Growth Investing

Growth Investing allows you to identify companies with high growth potential and to benefit from future share price increases.


Step by Step

You will learn the basics of the stock market, how to choose and configure professional software, how to choose and analyze companies in order to invest professionally. Train yourself in institutional analysis to make long term investment.


As if you were in front of our screens! We share with you all our investment strategies and company selections.

Trading Pro

We will show you step by step how to become a profitable and autonomous trader. You will learn all the tools and methods we use on a daily basis.

Free Updates

Take advantage of free updates and all the latest additions to the training.

Active Investment

Active investment is based on fundamental analysis and not on technical analysis. You will learn how to analyse company reports, news that impact market and sector contexts, and the ratings given by the major rating agencies.


Master professional investment platforms to manage your assets yourself.


Learn how to use and configure the Screener to filter out the most promising companies.


You will be able to identify the movements of institutional investors and how their inflows and outflows of positions affect the markets.

Included in this Online Training


Course’s Description

Learn the basics of the stock market, equity trading and investing in the equity markets.

You will gain the necessary knowledge to read and analyze financial data from publicly traded companies. You will see the different types of investments: Value Investing, Income Investing, Growth Investing.

With this module, you will learn simple but effective analysis techniques to identify the movements of the big players! In addition, you will be able to determine the different types of markets and adapt your investment approach.

We teach you ALL the investment techniques we use to invest and manage our portfolio. You will learn the little details that will help you go from being an amateur investor to a profitable investor.

Learn how to build a diversified stock portfolio and a list of companies with high return potential.

This module will teach you how to use professional software in order to place your buy or sell orders on stocks. You will also see how to calculate the size of your positions and how to enter the markets at the right time.

You will learn how to manage your stock portfolio. When to add shares and when to reduce your positions according to the market context and the movements of institutional investors.

This module aims to teach you how to exit your position before the market direction changes. You will learn how to identify when institutional investors exit the market.

We share with you examples of investments made by our team. You will learn how to use our algorithm we programmed.

Black Monday / Stock Market Crash / October 19, 1987

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Active Investment
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Who is this training for?


Without knowledge of the stock market and active investment

Intermediate Trader...

wishing to learn about equity investing

Experienced Trader…

who wishes to deepen his knowledge in active investment

Am I entitled to all services?

YES, ABSOLUTELY! You will be entitled to all the services and support offered by our team.

How do I access the program?

When you register, you will receive an email giving you access to a site reserved for members of the program. There you will see videos organised in modules that deal one by one with everything you need to know and do to become a profitable investor.

What if I know little or nothing about trading?

No special knowledge is required. We provide an upgrade at the beginning of each module. So you will have an introductory video to give you an overview of what we will be working on. We will go into detail with the following videos of the module.