Rithmic is one of the best DATA PROVIDER available for individuals!  Thanks to Rithmic you will have a stable and efficient connection!  You will not be limited to 10 BIDs / ASKs, you will have access to the total depth of the market!

Free Month Demo

All Emporos Capital’s students have access to a free month of demo with the link below :

Activate your real account by contacting directly:

*The demo will provide data for CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX. EUREX is not include in the promotion.

**No need to use different e-mail because the IP address of users is stocked on their server.

Market Analysis

Bookmap is a market depth visualization and trading platform.

Trading Software

Designed to allow individuals to use the same fast and extremely efficient tools that institutional traders use daily.

Investment Analysis

Stock Rover is a powerful platform to help you pick the best stocks possible.