About Emporos Capital

Emporos Capital is a Private Trading Firm and Professional Trading Institute in Miami, Biarritz, and Brussels. Emporos offers Online Trading Training with Live Webinars as well a Live Bootcamps where students learn to trade with Price Ladders. Emporos offers its students to join its rank as Emporos Capital Certified Independent Traders (ECCIT). 



Zach Souliere

Long-Term Investment Manager


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Francoise Guyaux

Web Technologies


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Vincent Guyaux

Chairman of the Board

JB Peyre

President & CEO

Passionate about the world of finance since my childhood, it was inconceivable for me to do anything but trading for a living. So I took my first steps in the world of trading 10 years ago without any diplomas. I worked night shifts in restaurants to pay the rent.

My first 2 years were a total failure. In all, I lost over $30,000 when I bought various amateur training courses and exploded my trading accounts.

It was after meeting with a professional trader that I understood one essential basic concept: To get professional results, you have to act like a professional trader!

Thanks to the contacts I had made over the years, I managed to find a job with professional traders. They taught me how to analyze the market, how to use pro trading software, as well as order book strategies.

Cumulating more than 9 years of experience in order book trading, I created Emporos Capital to share my knowledge and provide students with the opportunity to become an independent trader.

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Black Monday / Stock Market Crash / October 19, 1987